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So you hate Derek now?

no of course not dude come on

i hate that the situation had to be dealt that way but i understand why it did

like derek was told that he has to kill someone in his pack and that once he does, he won’t even have to be told to kill the rest of them bc he’ll just want to

so he doesn’t want that to happen

so he wants to keep his betas as far away from him as possible so he /doesn’t/ hurt him so like i know he wasn’t kicking isaac out bc he hates him and i know he made up some dumb reason that he wants him to go but he point is he /knows/ isaac /won’t/ go //unless// he does something drastic like what he did bc of the fact that isaac is so loyal to him

it just sucks bc it’s obvious that isaac trusts derek and looked at him as someone who would never do something like that to him and then derek was /forced/ to and it sucks bc derek did it so he /doesn’t/ hurt isaac bc he does care about him but to isaac it’s just like ‘i fucked up again this always happens to me this is what i deserve’ 

and it just


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