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Top 5 saddest moments of Supernatural?
  1. remember that one time sam died and he died in dean’s arm and dean was rocking him back and forth and telling him he was gonna be ok even though they both knew he wasn’t and then when sam finally stopped breathing and he slumped on dean’s arm and then dean pulled him really close and tangled his fingers in the back of sam’s hair and yelled his name and you can see that yes sam died, but dean died too
  2. remember that one time sam’s love for dean literally saved the world, and just a /glimmer/ of light reflected off the impala sparked something so powerful in him that he literally overcame the devil and purposely threw himself in hell just so every one else can be ok
  3. remember that one time when sam and dean were kids and dean was supposed to be looking after sam (when isn’t he) but he was cooped up in the motel room for so long and he just /needed/ to get out so he left to play video games for a while but when he came back that thing was attacking sam and dean couldn’t pull the trigger of the shotgun because he was just so /shocked/ and scared because he’s little too and should never have to deal with something like this but then john ~magically~ comes back and saves sam remember the look in dean’s eyes and how disappointed he was in himself
  4. remember that one time dean was killed by hellhounds right in front of sam and when it was all over and they were gone sam got on his knees and held his brother and cried over his dead body for god knows how long and how he felt like he lost a piece (all) of himself because when he’s gone he’s gone too remember how he was just shaking and looking at dean’s dead body and already blaming himself because everything to sam is his fault and his responsibility and everything falls on his shoulders and his big brother’s death was no different
  5. remember that one time jo and ellen stayed behind because jo couldn’t walk anymore and she wanted to make herself useful /one last time/ and how ellen didn’t even think twice about staying because that’s her daughter, her little girl, her life — and if jo was staying then she was too and remember how she  was crying as she held jo and she told her how proud of her she was and how they’ll always be together but then she realized jo was already dead so she had to wrap her hand around her daughter’s dead hand and blow both of them up to help sam and dean escape



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