Scott/Isaac (McLahey, Scisaac, LaCall w/e you want to call it) Rec List

*Note: There are a lot of them. And I made sure to put the description under the titles, so you can see for yourself if it looks interesting to you or not. (:

  • Take Care (Complete), by Zee 
    "Derek thinks we’re enemies now," Isaac blurts out, ducking his head to stare at his hands. 
  • Chilled (Complete), by LadySilver
    Scott helps Isaac deal with a nightmare.
  • Double Dates (Complete), by Kitausu
    Whose brilliant idea was this again? Oh right, Scott’s. Because every brilliant (read: terrible) idea that ever existed came from Scott attempting to use his big puppy dog brain and think. Otherwise known as that time Stiles and Derek went on a double date with Scott and Isaac. 
  • Touching in Just Enough Points (Complete), by ObsessedOne
    Five times the pack noticed how close Scott and Isaac were getting. (And the one time Scott did, too)

  • To Be Alone With You (Complete), by Kitausu
    Isaac pines, Scott is Scott, and Stiles is protective of his pup. 
  • Before the Worst (Complete), by ColtnPosey
    “You know it’s going to happen eventually!,” Isaac yells, his hands are balling into fists at his sides and his legs are shaking. “I’m no good for you! It’s not a fucking secret or something. No one wants me so you can drop the act and stop pretending! I don’t deserve anyone, Scott; least of all you!”
  • Vulnerable (Complete), by HaleyElizabeth
    Five times Isaac Lahey wasn’t badass. But that’s okay, because, with Scott, he doesn’t have to be.  
  • Breathing Smoke (Complete), by Delusions-of-Mediocrity 
    Scott notices Isaac hanging out in the smoke pit, and goes to investivate. (Shotgunning fic hellooooooo) 
  • Breathing (Work in Progress), by Missmishka 
    After the events of 2x08 “Raving,” all that matters to Isaac is that Scott keeps breathing. 
  • Just Breathe (Complete), by Missmishka 
    "What’s it like?" Isaac asked.
    There was really no way for Scott to explain what an asthma attack was like, so he had to show the other boy instead. (Oh. My. God. This was perfect, I almost cried.)
  • Human (Complete), by Youngandreckless 
    Scott keeps Isaac human.  
  • Early Morning (Complete), by ColtnPosey
    Scott always keeps his window open just a crack, just in case Isaac needs a bed — or an early morning hook up. 
  • It Could Be You (Complete), by Chadleymacguff 
    Scott is failing three classes and has to get at least a ‘B’ on his finals to not be held back a grade. Isaac offers to help him study.  
  • Disturbia (Work in Progress), by Hulks
    Scott McCall is under house arrest for punching his chemistry teacher. He’s bored, angry and frustrated. That’s when he decides to start watching his neighbors.  
  • Untitled (Complete), by Pyroclastic 
    1,000 words of Scott and Isaac’s first time.  
  • Werewolves Need Cuddles, Too (Complete), by Madd4the24
    Something strange is going on with Scott and Isaac. 
  • First Kisses (Complete), by Discordandrhythm
    Scott and Isaac’s first kiss. 
  • I Don’t Want You to Get Hurt (Complete), by ShadowKnight
    Isaac thought he had his relationship with Scott all figured out. Then the rave happens and McCall yanks the rug from under Isaac’s feet, as usual. 
  • What They Don’t Know, Won’t Hurt Them (Complete), by BlueLunes 
    Scott doesn’t know when angsting over his break up with Allison disappeared. He doesn’t know how exactly he became friends with Isaac, or when he started waking up in the middle of the night, a name on his lips that didn’t start with ‘A’. All he did know is for once he was going to take Stiles’s advice and man up, or wolf up, and take a chance. 
  • To Take Your Pain Away (Complete), by Musetta 
    Perhaps not the earliest, but certainly the most important life lesson Isaac Lahey learned growing up, was that he simply wasn’t important. At least, until Scott brought him back from the brink. 
  • Hale’s Garage (Complete), by GirlWithTheTea
    Scott is a mechanic and Isaac is his customer. 
  • It’s Been a Long, Cold, Lonely Winter (Complete), by Vlieger 
    Scott frowns at his mom’s favourite rosebush for a long time before he says, “I just have feelings.” 

    "It’s Isaac," he says, breathing out heavily. 
  • Guide Me Through (Complete), by Salomonderiel
    Some people might say that Isaac shouldn’t care, shouldn’t be bothered about the guy that beat him throughout his childhood. Scott doesn’t care. He just knows that Isaac needs someone, and that’s all that matters to him. 
  • Came Home, Like a Stone (Complete), by Queerly_It_Is
    In the aftermath of Gerard’s final attempt to bring down the pack; Isaac and Scott’s friendship becomes something more, as they forge a new connection and learn to trust each other and themselves. 
  • Keep Your Eyes Open (Complete), by Lovealways_Sterek
    Isaac hated Allison. Not because she tried to kill the whole pack, or even him, but because she tried to kill Scott. 
  • Sadness is a Blessing (Complete), by Mesita
    When Isaac doesn’t respond to Derek’s teaching methods, he turns to Scott for training. Lines and boundaries between friendship and something else blur and Isaac finds himself falling. Hard. 
  • I Wanna Reach so Deep Inside (Complete), by SilverDawn89
    Isaac’s got a dirty mouth. Scott is surprisingly receptive to that. PWP

  • I Can (Complete), by HayesGeneration
    Isaac Lahey is 15 years old and he has a crush on a boy. That in itself is petrifying and amazing at the same time, like the nice warmth of the sun being able to give you cancer. The boy’s name is Scott McCall, a freshman like Isaac, and he’s asthmatic and a bit weird but he’s got the kindest eyes Isaac has ever seen, and it’s really that simple.

  • Here and Now (Comeplete), by TonyStarkSicle
    Isaac Lahey expects this summer to be like any other: he’ll divide his time between avoiding his father and working at Derek Hale’s diner. But when Scott McCall and his best friend come to town, things start to change.

  • Make Me Forget (Complete), by ScisaacLaheys
    When Scott turns around, he sees the one person he wants to see most standing in the doorway of his bedroom; Isaac. His first instinct is to get up and take the taller boy in his arms, but as he gets a better look at him, he feels his heart constrict.

  • Tooth and Nail (Complete) by, LeTempest
    Isaac trusts him, and that’s no small weight. It’s something he’ll fight to keep, tooth and nail if he has to.

  • Keep Falling (Complete), by BroadcastDelay
    This story begins, as so many stories do, at the crossroads of an end and a beginning. Isaac has lost one temporary home, and moved to another. This one is cozier: it has Scott, and Mrs. McCall. It’s almost like having a family again—if one is desperately, hopelessly in love with one’s surrogate brother.

  • Put Your Hand in Mine (Complete), by EllaVantemm
    The first time Scott really sees Isaac is when they’re standing in Dr. Deaton’s examination room.

  • The Thunderstorm (Complete), by WeddingBells
    Isaac is in Scott’s room.

    And Isaac can’t really handle Scott.

    And Scott really can’t handle Isaac either.

  • You Are Beautiful and Peaceful This Way (Complete), by NiecheInHisChest

    Derek kicks Isaac out, and the only thing Isaac can think as he slams the door to the loft shut and makes his way down the stairs and outside is of course it’s raining. He hikes his bag further up his shoulder and runs until his feet lead him to the one person who hasn’t let him down yet.

    He’s soaked by the time he gets to Scott’s.

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