Let’s cry about why I need Derek and Scott to be bros — and why they need it, too.

Well, we all know that with Derek and Scott it’s been the same song and dance for a while. Derek, ~casually~ insisting that he and Scott need to team up; and Scott, trying to be a big boy and do it himself with a ‘I don’t need Derek’ sticker on his face. 

But, what I think they both don’t realize (well, at this point it’s more of Scott not realizing than it is Derek) is how much they actually do need each other. And Derek’s said it from the beginning, he’s said: “And you and me, Scott? We’re brothers now.” And despite the fact that Scott’s been doing all but jumping off skyscrapers to get out from under Derek’s wing, Derek’s always kept that promise. 

And that just shows me how much Derek wants to have someone that he /knows/ will be on his side no matter what. He’s caught — trapped, in this place where he’s all alone trying to find the good in evil and the sanctuary in danger. And I think we all know that, even if it’s a little cliche, two is better than one. 

From the literal beginning, Derek has thought of Scott as his little brother — and even if Derek has a dry, subtle, almost bitter way of showing it — he’s always displayed that toward Scott. He’s done what siblings do. He’s warned Scott, tried to keep Scott out of trouble, protected Scott, literally put his life on the line for Scott, and everything in between. And despite all of that, Scott just won’t give — he won’t let himself trust Derek the way he needs to. 

And trust me, I love Scott as much as the next person and if anything, I admire his independence and I admire the fact that he wants to be brave; but he can only do it alone for so long. And he can only push Derek away for so long until Derek’s going to quit trying, because honestly, Derek’s been through enough. 

When you think about it strictly from Derek’s point of view, it’s actually worse. Here’s this man (who’s still more of a kid at heart) who just lost his house, and family, and more importantly: his sister. And then here— almost out of the blue, almost like in some sick, twisted way it was meant to be— comes little freshly bitten Scott. He’s alone and he’s scared and he’s confused. Then there’s Derek (who, in actuality, isn’t much less scared and confused, and definitely more alone) who wants to help. He sees this as an opportunity to maybe begin to build back what he’s lost. 

He’s sees a chance to get a sibling back — blood related or not. 

What Scott doesn’t realize is what when Derek is like this, looking at him like this:

It’s less of what’s Scott’s seeing which is: “Jfc, Derek you’re ruining my life. You’re //always// around, trying to tell me what to do and how to do it, and nothing I actually do is ever good enough for you. And you’re always yelling at me, and you have all these rules; I CAN HANDLE IT DEREK LEAVE ME ALONE.”

And it’s more of what Derek is seeing which is: “Scott just //listen//. I’m trying to help you and I’m trying to protect you. I’m trying to prepare you. Because things only get worse, believe me. I’ve been there. Just listen to me, please.”

But they haven’t found that balance yet where they completely understand where the other is coming from. 

Derek has thought of Scott as part of the pack before he first said yes. He’s always cared about Scott, he’s always wanted Scott to be safe, he was always willing to risk himself to save Scott. 

And when Scott did get hurt:

Derek was there. Derek was the one who ran to save him, Derek was the one who brought him to someone and somewhere he knew he’d be safe and taken care of. And then he looks up at Dr. Deaton and he says thank you. And his voice is small, and low, and he’s drained emotionally and physically. But you can see that he’s genuinely and honestly worried for Scott and his well being. He’s worried because Scott has always been a form of a younger brother to him, and he doesn’t want to see him hurt. 

So he says thank you. He looks up at Deaton and says it. “Thank you.” And it’s short, and sort of expected for him to say — but the words mean more than their spoken purpose. It’s “Thank you for helping him. Thank you for saving him. Thank you for keeping part of my pack alive. Thank you for helping my brother.”

And he means it. 

And what Scott doesn’t understand is that Derek sees so much of himself in Scott — how he thinks he can handle everything, how he thinks he’s in love, how he wants to do things his own way and no one else’s. And Derek’s sitting there literally screaming all the things he wished someone had screamed at him all those years ago. Because Derek knows what it’s like to be heartbroken, and Derek knows what it’s like to lose the people you love, and Derek knows what it’s like to be alone, and Derek knows what it’s like to feel guilty — and he can’t let Scott go through what he went through; he can’t let him make the same mistakes. 

What everyone doesn’t seem to understand is that Derek’s persistence to build the pack isn’t just for them — it’s for himself. It’s literally becoming his cry for help, how strict he’s become with them, and how agitated he’s become. He can’t //take// losing people anymore; especially the people he was ready to call pack— the people he was ready to call family. 

But what’s happened?

This is Erica and Boyd — leaving. 

These are the people who were basically “Oh thank you Derek this is just what we wanted, you’re the best, thank you thank you,” and a second later saying, “Derek, we think we’ve sound something better than you.. we have to leave.”

And this is Derek’s face:


And this is Scott — who Derek wants to trust more than anyone saying “You may be an alpha, but you’re not mine.” And this is Derek’s face:

And what kills me is that deep down I know that Scott knows that he and Derek can, will, and could be a great team. They don’t know everything, sure. They’re not the strongest, yeah. They’re both just as lost, that’s true. But they are solid when they work together. Scott is young, and ambitious, and headstrong, and courageous. And while Derek is all of those things, too, he’s wise, and experienced, and more informed, and more able to handle situations. He and Scott have a great dynamic that makes a great team. 

But Derek wants more of a team, I think we all know that. 

Derek wants and need more than just friends, more than just a pack — he needs family. And the first person he saw that in was Scott. And I can wait for the day that Scott sees it, too. 

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