Zac Efron gives Adam Devine a “lap dance”

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Anonymous asked:
I was wondering - are the brothers from FDTD actually together or is it more of a Wincest thing? I've never watched the show, I've only seen gifsets and edits, but I can't tell. :/

i mean they havent like kissed on the show or anything but seth dID leave his wife for his brother so take that as you will [finger guns]

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coltnposey asked:
do you ever think about how much life must've sucked for seth and richie as kids living w/ their father bc i do


  • richie being this teeny tiny little boy this baby this child and ever since he was self aware knowing that something was wrong and he needed to stop it. richie being a soft touch who loved books and learning and applying that to taking care of seth.
  • richies childhood being obliterated. no games. no youth. no innocence. richie always being on the defensive. richie sacrificing in favor of nurturing
  • seth being a little older, having grown up and suffering more abuse, and this little thing that HE SHOULD BE PROTECTING is actually taking care of him
  • seth developing his brother worship/brother complex/hero worship of richie because his father figure was abusive, his mother didn’t exist, and richie was the only person he could look to as a positive role model
  • seth in a perpetual state of adolescence because richie was his role model BUT RICHIE WAS YOUNGER THAN HIM/A CHILD HIMSELF. while richie grew up too fast, seth became wholly dependent on his younger brothers nurturing. he never showed baby bro the ropes. he never got to feel superior to anyone..or more mature or smarter or like a protector of anything. hence his overcompensation now. 
  • seth knowing that their father favored beating him and always wondering why he was worth less than his brother, on top of being aware that his brother was smarter than him
  • richie always feeling like seth’s potential was untapped and feeling helpless to do for his brother emotionally what hes done for him physically.
  • seth and richie watching old films watching bad men never suffer fools never being the victim and being convinced that the best way to retake their agency and be protected/safe/happy/never have to take a beating again was to become like those bad men.
  • seth and richie gecko lost their mom (somehow) their only parental figure beat them and forced them to live in constant fear and eventually burned to death leaving two terrified and emotionally damaged little boys running off into god knows where presumably on their own; at which time they became little outlaws and mirrored the escapist fantasies that they saw projected on screen time and again. 
  • 100000 headcanons about why seth constantly needs to validate whats going on in his interactions with richie by touch, because when the only other touch you know is a fist in your face being comforted physically is an out of this world big ass deal. hugging/stroking/petting/holding richie is a re assurance that they are always on the complete other side of spectrum. It’s the ultimate comfort to both of them. 
  • seth’s distain for fathers/ultimate mistrust of the family unit while desperately craving it.
  • i always think about what carlos said about how the world always took from the boys. they have always had nothing and believed they were nothing. they represent the only love and comfort that they ever had in their most formative years. is it any shock that seth is willing to suffer through his fears and richies violence towards other for love? is it any shock that richie puts up with seth’s constant verbal garbage when he knows how powerful he is? in a terrible, awful world that’s done nothing but take two poor abused kids of any hope of a normal life, they were each other’s anchors and constants. for seth (and def for richie too tho we have seen a little less of it applied in canon) the world stops spinning when his brother is gone. 
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“If you repeatedly criticize someone for liking something you don’t, they won’t stop liking it. They’ll stop liking you.”
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stop color palettes 2k14

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cashier: that’ll be $4.20

me: bruh

cashier: bruh

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