Me: *before I take my first bite*

Mom: is it good?

they’re just girls breaking hearts
eyes bright, uptight, just girls

Title: Sight Of The Sun
Artist: fun.
Played: 46535 times


“For once there is nothing up my sleeve
Just some scars from a life that used to trouble me”

I love my skin!

The only truth that I truly know is that I am haunted by humans.

SPN 10 countdown challenge | day 22 - episode 2 
↳ 1x02 - wendigo

It’s rare. It’s something that doesn’t happen within 100 years, but every once in a while a beta can become an Alpha without having to steal or take that power. They call it a true Alpha. It’s one who rises purely on the strength of the character, by virtue, by sheer force of will.

i just watched a lifetime movie for the First time and !!!!!!! shit got so real omg i thought this was a fAMILY NETWOrk